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Personalized Printing

If you need a personalized work on your shirt or to print with us your logo or brand. You can always take the time to communicate with us. 



Personalized Work

If you need a personalized work in terms of illustration or logo designing for your brand you can contact us via our platforms as well. 



Point of sale

Unfortunately for the year 2023 we won't be working with Boutique Espace Urbain we had a lot of fun working with them. But we have other plans we may move and the distance us will be problematic unfortunately we need to find somewhere closer to sell our products. If you live in Montreal or near it and you want some Urban afro jewelry, clothing or products in general swing by them. 😊


 Instagram: Enkreprinte Enkreprinte

Phone: 438-876-8273
Boutique Espace Urbain
6529 St-Hubert, Montréal, QC