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Garment printing

You need to make a good impression say no more


We offer a various custom services primarily with the t-shirts, hoodies, crewnecks, tank tops, women shirts, v-necks, onesies for babies. To make it short any 100% cotton garment or blend with cotton garment. Like sweat shirts and hoodies. 

What we offer is a good quality printing job nothing more nothing less. We want that wow factor when someone works with us and sees their final results. We also sell our own funny collection at a point of sale in Montreal.



Personal Address for pick up with an appoitment
2650 rue Quevillon, Saint-Hubert, QC 

We helped so many clients achieving their goals either for a gift or for starting their own brand. 


 We also offer the possibility of making some illustrations or a logos for our clientele. We enjoy making your project a reality for you and we make sure you get what you desire. (Further information contact us via our FACEBOOK page. 



The question that the majority of my clients ask me: "Why do I do this kind of job?"
Answer is really simple it is my father who inspired me. He worked in a factory that sewed all kinds of linen including t-shirts. As a child, seeing the design from A to Z, then the number of hours he spent on his sewing machine I founded it impressive. I helped him as best I could by placing the pieces for him. Unfortunately, I ended up falling asleep on the pile of tissues. 
Once I got older I decided to do a training in graphic design. During my academic career in the field of graphic design we were able to experiment with different types of printing. I fell in love with screen printing. A procedure that consisted of printing on practically all possible materials especially on linen such as t-shirts for example.
So once I graduated and I was tired of offering myself as a sacrifice during my unsuccessful interviews, I decided to work for myself. In all honesty it was a rather chaotic start like any self-respecting company. But, I was able to meet each of my challenges and learn a lesson from each of my defeats. 

Purchase and Shipping?

As for your online purchases it is essential for you to know your measurements. You can rely on the information displayed below whether in terms of t-shirts, crewneck, hoodies, etc. 
As for the Jerseys (baseball Jerseys) make sure you take 1 or 2 size bigger. (For exemple I usually wear XL-XXL I had to order my sample a second time in a XXXL) Since the Jerseys aren't produced by us I can't reimburse your purchase. 


Note that there are delays due to production once the orders are completed you will receive a notification that your package is on its way. Production time can take time because we ourselves have problems with our suppliers when it comes to deliveries. We are not in control of the quantity our suppliers has in stock.
However if we don't have your item in stock we will reach you through email of course and offer you some options depending of the situation.
Covid pandemic affects everyone around us and I'm asking you to be patient when your order is made on our website. 


Every order will be provided with a tracking number so yo can fallow your order day by day. 

 Countries (Areas)
 Printing Time (After Purchase)  Shipping Time (After Fulfilment)
 (UK) United Kingdom  4 days to 1 week
 May take few weeks*
(EU) Europe  4 days to 1 week
 May take few weeks*
(AU) Australia   4 days to 1 week
 May take few weeks*
Other countries around  4 days to 1 week
 May take few weeks*

* We've notice even if the package is tracked due to the covid it takes a lot of time to arrive to their destinations.  

*Shipments to these countries will be longer than normal, all due to the pandemic. They will not be shipped by air, but by land meaning by boat. So in terms of traffic it can go to a month and more depending on the place.


 Countries (Areas) Printing Time (After Purchase) Shipping Time (After Fulfilment)
 (CA) Canada  4 days to 1 week
 Few days*
(US) United States   4 days to 1 week
 4 days to 1week 1/2**
North America   4 days to 1 week
 1 to 2 weeks**
Other countries in South America  4 days to 1 week  2 weeks and few days**


Canada*, United States and South America**

*Canada may be shorter since the company is located in Canada.


**Shipments to these countries will be delivered within a period of one week or more. Depending how efficient the mail services are please note holidays may extend the date of delivery. 



 T-shirt Unisex Small Med Large XL XXL XXXL
Width 18" 20" 22" 24" 26" 28"
Long 28" 29" 30" 31" 32" 33"



 Crewneck Small Med Large XL XXL XXXL
Width 20" 22" 24" 26" 28" 30"
Body length 27" 28" 29" 30" 31" 32"



 Description  Small  Medium  Large  XL XXL  XXXL
Chest 20 22 24 26 28 30
Length 27.5 28.5 29.5 30.5 31.5 32.5
Sleeve 33 34 35 36 37 38

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