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Les Fallopes

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Qui? Quoi?/ Who? What?

Services personnalisés d'impression de chandail et autres tissus du mêmes genres. Nous faisons aussi dans la conception d'illustration et de logo. Une entreprise locale venant du Québec qui gagne la confiance de nos clients grâce à notre travail hors du commun. Si vous désirez avoir des informations supplémentaires pour des impressions autres que ceux dans notre site web contactez nous via facebook ou instagram.

Personalized printing services for t-shirts and similar fabrics. We also do illustration and logo design. A local business from Quebec that wins the trust of our customers thanks to our extraordinary work. If you wish to have additional information for impressions other than those in our website contact us via facebook or instagram.


T-shirt Impressions

Enkreprinte offers a range of choices in terms of customization. We offer printing jobs on apparel. 

Aba and Preach Collection
Yes the duo is releasing a new product for reaching new highs with their youtube channel. Congrats for the duo. Crewnecks with a patch on the front of it really dope.
Come SEE
Les Fallopes
Les fallopes Duo
Hoodies avec l'impression du logo de nos incontournable animateurs Mélanie Couture et Preach
Un must


Graphic designer

Branding design (logo) and artwork authentically made for you.


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